Features of Carbide Wire Drawing Dies

2022-08-02 Share

Features of Carbide Wire Drawing Dies


When adopting high-function and high-speed molds for production, the mold is always required to have a long service life. Even for a small amount of production, it needs high reliability and high precision. Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies with good performance will be the best choice, For it has the following features which ensure high durability.

1. High wear-resistance

To produce large quantities of extruded parts, the mode should have high wear resistance to ensure its normal service life and produce more quantities of extruded parts. In general, the hardness of steel is proportional to wear resistance under certain conditions. Therefore, mold materials must have sufficient hardenability. In addition to the hardness, The decisive factors are the thickness, composition, amount of excess for the matrix after heat treatment, and the amount, size, type, dispersion, and red hardness of carbide. The wear resistance of tungsten carbide is several times higher than steel. So to get a long service life for the drawing mold, carbide material is always a better choice.


2. High-temperature resistance

For continuous production, the temperature of the mold might reach a high temperature, which will reduce the strength and the hardness, so the mold material should have outstanding thermal stability. Carbide drawing dies have sufficient thermal stability for high-temperature resistance.

3. Strong power resistance

The mold should be given a very large extrusion, bending stress, impact, and other messy loads during the extrusion process. Therefore, the material selected will have high power resistance after heat treatment. The mold material should have outstanding hardenability to ensure that the mold can be hardened and uniform.

4. Excellent processability

Cold extrusion mold has a long manufacturing time with high accuracy requirements. Usually, it is necessary to cast, cut, heat treatment, grind, or do other fine finishing. So only the materials that have good processability can meet the production needs. The excellent process of carbide molds will be the best choice.

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