Why Do We Recommend Tungsten Carbide Burrs?

2022-08-02 Share

Why Do We Recommend Tungsten Carbide Burrs?


Carbide Burrs are often recognized as rotary burrs for metal and are widely used for deburring, shaping, welding leveling, expanding holes, engraving, and finishing. They have many excellent performances, such as high removal rate, longer lifetime, good performance in the heat, ideal for all metals...tungsten carbide burrs can be used on any metal, and there are different cutting methods suitable for different situations.

* The function of rotating burrs

Tungsten carbide rotating burrs are designed to rotate at extremely high speeds, allowing them to manipulate the material being processed. When using metal, burrs are very suitable for deburring, shaping, and enlarging holes. Tungsten carbide rotary files can be used on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Metal manufacturers and engineers usually use them for tool manufacturing, model engineering, jewelry manufacturing, welding, deburring, grinding, and engraving.

*Tungsten carbide vs high-speed steel

Generally, metal burrs are made of tungsten carbide or high-strength steel (HSS). When working with metals, tungsten carbide burrs are preferred. Due to their extremely high hardness, they can be used for more demanding jobs and will not wear out, unlike HSS. More importantly, HSS has a lower heat resistance and will begin to soften at high temperatures. Tungsten carbide burrs will last longer and perform better at higher temperatures.


*Cutting type

Metal burrs can be single/aluminum cutting or double/diamond cutting. The large single/aluminum cutting carbide file has a single right-cut spiral groove and can be used with cast iron, steel, copper, brass, and other iron materials (such as aluminum). Single-edged burrs can provide faster cutting speeds without clogging (aluminum is often clogged), but their polishing effect is not as good as double-edged carbide burrs. Double/diamond cutting has left and right cutting functions, which can provide faster and more refined processing results. These are usually used for steel, stainless steel, and other hard metals.

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