Wear! Why? ---- The Reason Tungsten Buttons Wear

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Wear! Why? ---- The Reason Tungsten Buttons Wear


Coal cutter picks are widely used in mining, which consist of a tooth body and a tungsten carbide button. As we all know, tungsten carbide buttons are one of the hardest materials and have properties of hardness, high-temperature resistance, and wear resistance. Although they have these good properties, coal cutter picks can still be damaged. When damage happens, we should find reasons first.

From the experience of the construction scenery, there are many appearances of wear:

1. Abrasive wear of cutters;

2. Fall off of the tungsten carbide buttons;

3. Break the tungsten carbide buttons.

1. Abrasive wear of cutters

Abrasive wear is the main reason for the damage to the picks. With a long working time and the friction between coal and rocks, the sharp coal cutter picks will go dull and wear appears. It turns out that increasing the area of the cutting part, which will increase the cutting resistance and dust and reduce the strength.

2. Fall off of the tungsten carbide buttons

Falling off of the tungsten carbide buttons happens in the wrong installment of the tungsten carbide buttons or wrong usage of the cutter drill bits. When falling off of a tungsten carbide button happens, the whole drill bit should stop working. Otherwise, it may cause more damage to the tooth body or other tungsten carbide buttons.

3. Break the tungsten carbide buttons

Although tungsten carbide buttons have properties, they can be broken because of the rocks. When we choose tungsten carbide buttons, we should consider the types of rocks. Choosing tungsten carbide buttons depends on not only the hardness of the rocks but also the characteristics of the rock, including the degree of weathering.


After knowing its wear, we should further clarify the reason why wears happen:

1. The condition of the rocks;

2. Wrong operation;

3. Low-quality tungsten carbide buttons.

1. The condition of the rocks

We have to choose the tungsten carbide buttons according to the condition of the rocks, including the types of the rocks, the hardness, and the degree of weathering. Some rock layers in low hardness may be difficult to dig because of the low degree of weathering.

2. Wrong operation

Tungsten carbide buttons should be used in suitable situations. When they are used in the wrong place or with over impact, they are easily damaged. 

3. Low-quality tungsten carbide buttons

Some factories may provide tungsten carbide buttons of low quality. ZZBETTER tungsten carbide has been tested from the raw material to final inspection. Our workers will inspect them very strictly to ensure their quality.


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