Wear! Warn! ---Precautions to Wear

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Wear! Warn! ----Precautions to Wear


Tungsten Carbide Buttons are tools used in drilling tunnels, mining, and cutting. ZZBETTER always takes high quality as the standard and provides stable products. But in construction scenery, tungsten carbide buttons wear does happen. Wear is unavoidable. But we have some precautions to induce the possibility of wear.

1. When selecting the tungsten carbide buttons, we should consider the condition of the rock, the method of drilling, the way of powder discharge, and the type of the drills. The rock layer can be hard, corrosive, or difficult to cut because of the weathering. Drilling can be operated in open air, underground, or tunneling. The powder can be discharged by compressed air or high-pressure water. And workers may use a heavy drill, pneumatic drill, or hydraulic drill. All these can affect the selection of the cemented carbide buttons.

2. When the drill starts to work, the working parameters of the drill must be lower to prevent the tooth from high impact and overload, which may cause the teeth broken or lost.

3. After a period of operation, workers should check the wear degree of the tungsten carbide buttons. When the tungsten carbide buttons are found to be greatly worn, they should be stopped to work immediately and ground in time. Otherwise, the wear may affect the speed of working and accelerate the wear of other tungsten carbide button bits.

4. When the drill is working, workers should ensure that there is enough compressed air or high-pressure water to discharge the powder after digging. If the powder doesn’t discharge well and accumulate, it may cause the tungsten carbide buttons to wear and decrease the drilling speed.

5. When the wear happens, it is better to notify the supplier and tell him the information including:

    a. What kinds of drill you apply, and some details of that machine like the actual working parameters;

    b. What kinds of tools are used with the tungsten carbide buttons, and the drill;

    c. The types and hardness of the rock and the condition of the construction site.

Tungsten carbide buttons are widely used in construction, mining, digging, tunneling, and boring. Sometimes, it is dangerous to work underground or in a tunnel. So, choosing the correct tungsten carbide buttons and correctly using them is quite important.

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