What are Tungsten Carbide Rods?

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What are Tungsten carbide rods?


Tungsten carbide is the second hardest substance in the world. Due to its high hardness, it often is molded in different shapes and becomes different carbide tools in many industries. Tungsten carbide rod is one of tungsten carbide products. It can also be called a carbide rod or cemented carbide rod. Carbide rods are commonly used in making high-quality carbide cutting tools for the machining of heat-resistant alloys and Ti alloy. It can be shaped as an end mill, drill, and reamer depending on your needs.

ZZbetter strictly follows the production process and has its own production lines.

ZZbetter Production process of tungsten carbide rods:

1. Raw materials

First of all, all tungsten carbide products start from raw materials.

2. Weighing-in of the ingredients

This step is important because the powder ratio is directly related to the carbide rod itself.

3. Milling

After weighing-in of the ingredients, we need to stir them so that they are evenly fused together.

4. Spray-drying

This step is to further fuse the powder together just in case they are not evenly fused together previously.

5. Blending test

This is a test to check whether the powder is completely mixed.

6. Compaction: there are two compaction methods we can use.

    a. Mold pressing: mold pressing needs a manual operation, it is generally used for large productions.

    b. TPA press: It uses an automatic dry powder compacting hydraulic press. This method does not require much labor and it is more suitable for small projects. One worker can operate several machines at the same time. 

7. Sintering 

8. Machining

9. Quality Control

All our products have to go through a quality check before they can ship to our customers.

10. Packing

In the final step, we will pack it carefully and ship it to our customers.

Due to strict compliance with production requirements, our products are highly reliable in quality. You will not regret choosing us as your partners.

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