What I Talk About When I Talk About Tungsten Carbide Buttons

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What I Talk About When I Talk About Tungsten Carbide Buttons


ZZBETTER is a professional manufacturer, located in Zhuzhou, Hunan, one of the biggest exports in China. We apply tungsten carbide buttons for various industries, like machinery, geology, petroleum, metallurgy, and chemical industry. When people need strong materials, they always come up with tungsten carbide. When I talk about tungsten carbide, I’m going to introduce you following things:

1. What is tungsten carbide buttons

2. Classification

3. Manufacturing procedures

4. Properties

What is a tungsten carbide button?

Tungsten carbide buttons, also known as cemented carbide buttons, are made from tungsten carbide powder. They have the properties of tungsten carbide, like high wear resistance and good corrosion resistance. They can be large or small size, but full of power.


When I talk about tungsten carbide buttons, I’d like to introduce you to the shapes of tungsten carbide. Different head tops can be divided into different shapes. They can be a conical button, a wedge button, a flat button, a spoon button, or a mushroom button, which can be used in different conditions. For example, conical buttons are mostly used for oil drilling, wedge buttons for drilling soft or medium-hard rock, flat buttons for oil mining and retaining, spoon buttons for breaking the rocks, and high-speed drilling, and mushroom buttons for solid welding. They can always be categorized with different applications, like road tips and coal cutter buttons.


Manufacturing Procedures

To produce a high-quality tungsten carbide, we have to treat every step strictly to guarantee there are fewer pores and a certain proportion of tungsten carbide and cobalt.

The main manufacturing procedures are like these: 

Powder mixing——Wet milling——Spray Drying——Pressing——Sintering——Quality Check——Package

Our factories choose high-quality tungsten carbide powder first and mix it with cobalt powder. After milling, pressing, and sintering, we will check and make a package.



As carbide buttons have high hardness, outstanding wear resistance, chemical stability, and toughness with a higher speed of boring and digging, they can penetrate hard things 5-6 times deeper than the same drill diameter. So buttons are the perfect tool used in the mining, quarrying, drilling, and cutting process. They can save time and manual labor.

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