Quality Control of Tungsten Carbide Rods

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Quality Control of Tungsten carbide rods


Tungsten carbide rods, also known as cemented carbide round rods or tungsten carbide bars, are made from high-quality raw material tungsten carbide powder and through a series of manufacturing processes. To guarantee the highest quality of the finished tungsten carbide rods, we made a strict quality check system before tungsten carbide products are packed.

Tungsten carbide products are not only checked at the end of the manufacturing process but also between the processes. As we all know, to produce tungsten carbide rods, we should prepare materials first, mixing, milling, pressing, and sintering. To ensure the high quality of tungsten carbide rods in every single process, workers should test the raw material, check their quality after wet milling, pressing, and sintering, and finally check them before packing.


Quality checking is not a simple matter, and there are several projects to test:

a. Length, Diameter, and Tolerance;

Workers use a micrometer to measure the diameter of the tungsten carbide rods and a ruler to measure the length and check whether the length and the diameter are within the tolerance. The length and diameter must strictly follow the customers’ requirements. Otherwise, it will not work or easily break down.

b. Straightness;

Straightness is a property of a nominally straight line. Usually, the worker will randomly measure the diameter of the tungsten carbide rods at different points.

c. Inner Structure;

Workers will inspect whether there is any defect in the inner tungsten carbide. Some factories choose to fall tungsten carbide round rods from a certain height. Tungsten carbide bars with defective inners will break this way, so every tungsten carbide bars packed are high quality.

d. Physical Properties;

Many physical properties of tungsten carbide need to be tested, and much equipment is used. High-qualified workers will use a metallurgical microscope to observe the inner structure of the tungsten carbide bars. If the inner structure of the cemented carbide round rods is uniformly distributed, the round rods have good properties. If much cobalt gathers together, there will be a cobalt pool.

To know the density of the tungsten carbide round rods, we need an analysis balance. The density of the tungsten carbide rods is the ratio of their mass to their volume and is measured using a water displacement technique. The density of tungsten carbide bars will increase with decreasing the amount of cobalt. Vickers hardness is used to test the hardness, which is also an important property of tungsten carbide rods.


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