What Will Affect Waterjet Focusing Tube?II

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What Will Affect Waterjet Focusing Tube?


Except for the water jet focusing tube’s length, hole, shape, and the quality and size of the focus orifice, further factors which particularly influence the product life are the inlet velocity of the waterjet as well as the amount and quality of abrasive& water.  Of course, includes the material quality of the focusing tube.

4. Water jet cutting nozzle’s material is the most important factor influencing its working life. The waterjet tubes are made of pure tungsten carbide rods.  This without binder tungsten carbide rod has high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which can bear the high-pressure water flow. 

5. The size and quality of the abrasive particles influence the performance of the water jet cutting nozzles. Using an abrasive that is very hard offers fast cutting but erodes the water jet carbide nozzle too quickly. Coarse or oversized particles pose a real risk of clogging the water jet tube, which can bring the machining process to a standstill and potentially damage the workpiece. The abrasive particle distribution must be such that the largest grain is no larger than 1/3 of the mixing tube ID (internal diameter). So, if you are using a 0.76mm tube, the largest particle must be smaller than 0.25mm.  Low-purity products may contain materials other than garnet that rob a water jet cutting machine of its ability to cut well and may break the water jet tube.

7. Dirty, hard, and insufficiently filtered water will easily destroy the orifice under ultra-high pressure, the cause the water flow side deflection. The deflection water will scatter and quickly damage the inner wall of the waterjet cutting tube. So it needs to choose pure water for the waterjet cutting. 

8. The design and working accuracy of the water jet cutting head is not good, and the orifice still shifts before and after each installation, causing the center of the water flow to be incorrect; The water and abrasive mixing space are poorly designed, causing turbulence. The design of the water jet cutting head is bad, and the force when the orifice is fixed is different, which causes the direction of the water flow.  Those factors all will damage the water jet nozzle tube.


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