What about the Tungsten Carbide Heading Dies?

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What about the Tungsten Carbide Heading Dies?


1. About the composition WC-Co (Tungsten Carbide)

The WC-Co (Tungsten Carbide) is the generic name for certain metal that is combined with tungsten carbide (WC) and cobalt (Co) which is a binder and sinters at a high temperature and produced. Generally, it is considered to have the hardness next to the diamond, but it can be changed the ratio of WC and Co depending on some users and can be changed the characteristic. It can be changed a characteristic by adding Ni or Cr, and the materials manufacturer develops various types of WC-Co (Carbide). The WC-Co (Carbide) without Co is also developed. The WC-Co (Carbide) is mainly used as material in a field that required abrasion resistance and the impact resistance characteristics such as a cutting tool or the die. We would choose any type of WC-Co (carbide) depending on the specifications of the customer.


2. About the performance of tungsten carbide

Strength. Tungsten carbide has a very high strength for material and is extremely hard and rigid. Compressive strength is higher than almost all melted, cast, forged metals, and alloys.

Rigidity. Tungsten carbide compositions range from (2) to (3) times as rigid as steel and (4) to (6) times as rigid as cast iron and brass. Young’s Modulus is up to 94,800,000 psi.

Heat Resistance – Tungsten Carbide is highly resistant to deformation and deflection and is very valuable in applications where a combination of minimum deflection and good ultimate strength is the first consideration.

Impact Resistant. For such a hard material with very high rigidity, the impact resistance is high.

Methods of Fastening. Tungsten carbide can be fastened to other materials by brazing, epoxy cementing, or mechanical means. Tungsten carbide’s low thermal expansion rate must be carefully considered when preforms are provided for grinding or EDM.


Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide Company offers different sizes and shapes of tungsten carbide heading dies, the out diameter varies from over 300mm, and height can be over 100mm. Carbide dies with a square hole, hexagonal hole, or taper shape are also available. 

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