Why Tungsten Carbide Is A Tool Material

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Why Tungsten Carbide Is A Tool Material


In modern industry, more and more people choose tungsten carbide as their tool material, which is composed of an equal amount of tungsten and carbon. There are many tool materials in the market. Some of them are expensive, but people still choose tungsten carbide as their tool material. In this article, we are going to figure out the reasons.


What is tungsten carbide?

Tungsten carbide is a kind of tool material that has high hardness, wear resistance, durability, and impact resistance. Tungsten carbide powder used to make tungsten carbide products consist of refractory metals and bonding metals, such as cobalt, nickel, and so on. Finished cemented carbide products have many properties, such as high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good strength, and toughness. Tungsten carbide, with the highest hardness, only after diamond, can keep its hardness even under high temperatures.


History of tungsten carbide

In 1923, a German Schroeter added some cobalt to tungsten carbide powder as a binder and invented a new alloy, the first artificial tungsten carbide in the world. But when the tungsten carbide is used as a tool, it is easy to wear.

In 1929, an American Schwarzkov made an achievement in the history of tungsten carbide. He added a certain amount of compound carbide of tungsten carbide and titanium carbide into the original composition, which improved the performance of the tool.


Application of tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide is a tool material that can be used as milling cutters, drills, boring cutters, and planers for cutting and manufacturing. They are widely seen in the military industry to cut cast iron, plastics, chemical fibers, graphite, glass, and stone.

As a tool material, tungsten carbide can be made in different shapes and grades. For different applications, tungsten carbide can be made into different tungsten carbide products, such as tungsten carbide buttons, tungsten carbide cutters, tungsten carbide blades, tungsten carbide stripes, tungsten carbide rods, tungsten carbide studs, and so on.


Tungsten carbide has its properties and can be applied to many conditions. They are suitable for cutting hard and stiff rock that conventional cutting tools can’t do. They have developed for more than 100 years and will develop in the future to meet people’s requirements.


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