Applications of Tungsten Carbide Rods

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Applications of Tungsten carbide rods


Tungsten carbide rods, also known as tungsten carbide bars or tungsten carbide tubes, are used in many industries. Tungsten carbide rods also need to be precise and durable as a tool for manufacturing other materials, like wood and steel.


Tungsten carbide rods are made from tungsten and carbon powder. After mixing and milling, tungsten carbide powder should be pressed. There are three ways to mold a tungsten carbide rod. They are die pressing, extrusion pressing, and dry-bag isostatic pressing. Die pressing is the most widely used way to compact tungsten carbide bars. Extrusion pressing is to press continuously under a vacuum and high-pressure environment. Dry-bag isostatic pressing can work with high efficiency but is only applied to the tungsten carbide rods with a diameter above 16mm.

Tungsten carbide bars are mainly applied for drills, end mills, and reamers. They can be manufactured into end mills with a single flute, two flutes, three flutes, four flutes, and six flutes.


As a cutting, punching, or measuring tool, tungsten carbide rods can rotary at high speed and endure high impact when they are used in the papermaking, packing, printing, and non-ferrous metal industry.

They are popularly used to process other materials, like tungsten carbide milling cutters, aviation tools, milling cutters, cemented carbide rotary files, cemented carbide tools, and electronic tools.

In modern industry, tungsten carbide rods are widely used in transportation equipment, telecommunication, electronic computer equipment, electrical machinery equipment, aviation industry, and manufacturing equipment, especially in the dental industry.

In a dental hospital, tools manufactured by tungsten carbide rods are easy to find. Dental equipment like an inverted cone, cylinder, tapered fissure, adhesive remover, crown separator, curettage, bone cutter, and pilot burs are made from tungsten carbide rods.

Tungsten carbide rods can be made in different characteristics to apply to different conditions. They can be solid tungsten carbide rods, tungsten carbide rods with one straight hole, tungsten carbide rods with two straight holes, tungsten carbide rods with two helical coolant holes, and other substandard tungsten carbide rods. They can also be produced in different grades according to customers’ requirements.

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