Applications of Tungsten Rod

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Applications of Tungsten Rod


Brief introduction of tungsten rod

Tungsten bar is also called tungsten alloy bar. Tungsten alloy rods (WMoNiFe) are made from metal powder at a specific high temperature, using an especially high-temperature powder metallurgy technology. In this way, the tungsten alloy rod material has a low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal conductivity, and other material properties. At high temperatures, a tungsten alloy rod is used as a material with a high melting point and low thermal expansion coefficient. The addition of tungsten alloying elements improves machine-ability, toughness, and weldability. The material's properties are built on manufacturing tungsten alloy rods to eliminate the problems associated with heat treatment of other tool materials.



Industrial applications

Tungsten is a non-ferrous metal and an important strategic metal. Tungsten ore was called a "heavy stone" in ancient times. In 1781 the Swedish chemist Carl William Scheyer discovered scheelite and extracted a new element of acid - tungstic acid. In 1783, the Spanish Depuja discovered wolframite and extracted tungstic acid from it. In the same year, reducing tungsten trioxide with carbon was the first time to obtain tungsten powder and named the element. The content of tungsten in the earth's crust is 0.001%. There are 20 kinds of tungsten-bearing minerals that have been found. Tungsten deposits are generally formed with the activity of granitic magmas. After smelting, tungsten is a silver-white lustrous metal with a very high melting point and great hardness. The atomic number is 74. With gray or silver-white color, high hardness, and high melting point, the tungsten carbide rods are not eroded at room temperature. The main purpose is to manufacture filaments and high-speed cutting alloy steel, superhard molds, and also used in optical instruments, chemical instruments [tungsten; wolfram]—— Element symbol W. A filament drawn from a tungsten rod can be used as a filament in light bulbs, electronic tubes, etc.

Military applications

When the fighter reaches the target, it quickly drops the ammunition. Modern ammunition is not the same as before. The ammunition released before is very heavy explosives. For example, Tomahawk missiles can carry 450 kilograms of TNT explosives and high explosives. Modern fighter planes can't carry many explosives. It has changed a new concept of hitting targets. Instead of using traditional ammunition, a metal rod made of metal tungsten is dropped, which is a tungsten rod.

From a height of tens of kilometers or hundreds of kilometers, a small stick is thrown at an extremely high speed, which is enough to sink a destroyer or an aircraft carrier, let alone a car or a plane. So it can play a role in a high degree of precision and very fast speed.


Application field of tungsten rod

· Glass melting

· High-temperature furnace heating element and structural parts

· Welding electrodes

· Filament

· Weapons used on the X-37B


Processing methods

Sintering, forging, swaging, rolling, fine grinding, and polishing.

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