Brief Introduction of End Mill

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Brief Introduction of End Mill


Nowadays, tungsten carbide has become one of the most popular materials in the world, and so do tungsten carbide end mills. End mills are milling cutters made from tungsten carbide solid rods, which can be mounted to machine tools. They consist of shank and drill and they are common and widely used types of milling cutters.


Types of End Mill

1. According to the end cutting edge, there is a center cut type end mill that can be used for various applications and a center hole type, which is not suitable for drilling, but perfect for regrinding. 

2. End mills can also be divided into various types according to end styles, like square end mill, ball nose end mill, corner radius end mill, corner chamfer end mill, corner round end mill, tapered end mill, and drill nose end mill. 

3. From the amount of the flute, end mills can be categorized into two-flute end mills and multiple-flute end mills. Two flute end mills are used for conventional applications, like slotting, drilling, and roughing. Multiple flutes can be shaped into 3 flutes, 4 flutes, and 6 flutes. They are suitable for different applications. Generally speaking, multiple-flutes end mills are harder than two flutes end mills and they are more suitable for side cutting and finishing operations than two flutes end mills.


Materials of End Mill

There are various materials applied for cutting tools. When we need a special tool shape, we always come to choose high-speed steel, which is usually used for the highly required production process. Ceramics are suitable for high-speed cutting. Diamond-cutting tools are used for productions that required high tolerances and high surface qualities. To strengthen the wear resistance of the cutting tools, coatings like TiN, TiCN, TiAlCrN, and PCD veins have been applied since the 1990s.

Tungsten carbide cutting tools are one of the most common materials for their better cutting performances. End mills made from tungsten carbide solid rods have the properties of high wear resistance. They can be applied to aluminum alloys, milling steels, cast iron, and micrograin tools. They can improve removal rates and prolong the tool's life.


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