Cemented Carbide with High Wear Resistance

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Cemented Carbide with High Wear Resistance


Cemented carbide has many advantages, such as high wear resistance, high hardness, and corrosion resistance, so it has been widely used in many industries and fields. For some cruel conditions, the high wear resistance of cemented carbide could make work a lot easier. Do you know what kind of cemented carbide has high wear resistance? This article is going to talk about it.

Normally, the smaller particle size of tungsten steel has higher hardness under the same conditions. And it has higher wear resistance.

The wear resistance of cemented carbide is more depends on its use condition. A cemented carbide with high wear resistance could be brittle.

According to the hardness and toughness differences, people divide cemented carbide into several models such as YG8, YG15, etc. Using the wrong model could have a great impact on the service life. Maybe the high-speed steel you use at home contains a little tungsten but not tungsten steel.

Cemented carbide is sintered with hard alloy and cobalt or other matrix metals by powder metallurgy process, and its tungsten content is generally above 80%. Tungsten steel’s tungsten content is generally 15-25%.

The wear resistance of cemented carbide is determined by its grain size and cobalt content. The finer the grain size and the lower the cobalt content, the higher the hardness, and the bigger the grain size and the higher the cobalt content, the lower the hardness. When choosing cemented carbide, whether the cemented carbide is hard enough is not only determined by its hardness but also depends on the requirements of its use. 

The cemented carbide’s wear resistance is mainly depending on the application conditions. A tungsten carbide with high wear resistance may be more brittle. There are various models of cemented carbide for us to choose from. Choose the one that suits you the most.

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