Differences between End Mill and Drill Bit

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Differences between End Mill and Drill Bit


Nowadays, tungsten carbide can be seen in most situations. Because of their hardness, durability, and great resistance to wear, corrosion, and impact, they are manufactured into various kinds of material tools, like tungsten carbide cutting tools, tungsten carbide buttons, tungsten carbide rods, and tungsten carbide stripes. And tungsten carbide can also be made to tungsten carbide end mills and tungsten carbide drill bits as CNC cutting tools. They look similar but are greatly different sometimes. In this article, you can see the differences between end mills and drill bits.

End Mill

A tungsten carbide end mill is a kind of accessory used on cutting equipment, which is usually used for milling materials. An end mill can be manufactured for two flutes, three flutes, four flutes, or six flutes according to different usage. Tungsten carbide end mills can also be shaped into different shapes, like flat-bottomed end mills, ball nose end mills, corner radius end mills, and tapered end mills. They also have different applications. For example, flat-bottomed end mills are used to mill some small horizontal materials. Ball nose end mills are applied for milling curved surfaces and chamfers. Corner radius end mills are suitable for more flat and wide surfaces. 

Drill Bit

A tungsten carbide drill is a CNC cutting tool mainly for drilling. They are suitable for drilling more complicated materials at high speed. While tungsten carbide drill bits are running at high speed, they can still work in better performances because of their high hardness and resistance to wear and impact.

Differences between end mills and drill bits

End mills are mainly used for milling and can sometimes be applied for drilling, while drill bits can only be used for drilling. Generally speaking, end mills work horizontally to cut and mill, while drill bits work vertically to drill holes in the materials.

End mills mainly use peripheral edges to cut and mill materials. Their bottoms are used to assist to cut. On the contrary, drill bits are using their tapered bottom as their cutting edge to drill.

Now, you may understand what the end mill is and what the drill bit is and classify them. If you are interested in tungsten carbide products and want more information and details, you can CONTACT US by phone or mail at the left, or SEND US MAIL at the bottom of the page.

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