End Mill Materials

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End Mill Materials


An end mill is one kind of milling cutter to do the process of removing metal by CNC Milling machines. There are various materials in the end mill. In this passage, let’s keep it concise and talk about two main materials used to make cutting tools. One is High-Speed Steel, and the other is carbide end mills.

1. High-Speed Steel (HSS) 

A high-Speed Steel end mill is the least expensive of the two, and it provides good wear resistance and can be used to mill many materials, such as wood and metals.

2. Carbide end mills 

(1) Carbide end mills without coated material

Carbide end mills are extremely heat-resistant and used for high-speed applications on some of the hardest materials such as cast iron, non-ferrous metals, alloys, and plastics.


(2) Coated end mills

Coated carbide end mills are more expensive than HSS ones, but they provide better rigidity and can be run 2 to 3 times faster than HSS. They’re also extremely heat resistant, making them suitable to mill tougher materials as well.

Are our carbide end mills worthy of the extra money? 

Yes, definitely.

Because they can run way faster than HSS, they will increase your machine productivity a lot. They can also be more durable and have a longer tool life, making them worth the investment. Another easy way to increase the performance of your end mills is to add a good coating. The most common one, TiAlN (Titanium aluminum nitride), will allow you to cut 25% faster on average without spending too much money.


Due to the extreme hardness, tungsten carbide burrs can be used on much more demanding jobs than HSS. Carbide end mills also perform better at higher temperatures than HSS, so you can run them hotter for longer. HSS end mill will start to soften at higher temperatures, so carbide is always a better choice for long-term performance.

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