Information About Rotary Carbide Burrs

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Information About Rotary Carbide Burrs

Information About Rotary Carbide Burrs


Carbide rotary file can be used to process cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, copper and aluminum carbide rotary file, also known as carbide high-speed mixed milling cutter, carbide die milling cutter, etc., mainly driven by power tools or pneumatic tools (can also be installed on high-speed machine tools). Carbide rotary file can greatly reduce heavy manual labor and reduce production costs.

Main features of rotary file:

1.Various metals (including hardened steel) and leek metal materials (such as marble, jade, bone) below HRC70 

can be machined at will. 

2.In most of the work, carbide burrs can replace the small wheel with a handle, and no dust pollution. 

3.It has high production efficiency, tens of times higher than the processing efficiency of manual file, 

nearly ten times higher than the processing efficiency of small wheel with a handle. 

4.The processing quality is good, highly polished, and the mold cavity of various shapes can be processed with 

high precision. 

5.Long service life, ten times higher than the durability of high-speed steel, more than 200 times higher than 

the durability of alumina grinding wheel. 

6.Easy to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment. 

7.The economic benefits are greatly improved, and the comprehensive processing cost can be reduced by tens of times.

The applications of rotary carbide burrs:

1.It can process a variety of metal materials, but also can process ≤HRC65 hardened steel. 

2.It can replace the handle of small grinding wheel processing, no dust pollution. 

3.The production efficiency can be increased by tens of times compared with the general manual file processing, 

and the efficiency can be increased by 3-5 times compared with the small grinding wheel processing. 

4.The tool durability than high-speed steel tools can be increased by 10  times, 

than the durability of small grinding wheels can also be increased by more than 50 times. 

5. It can finish various shapes of metal mold cavity. 

6. Clean the flash, weld and burr of casting, forging and welding. 

7. Chamfering and grooving of various mechanical parts. 

8. Clean the pipes. 

9. Finishing of impeller runner

10. Finishing machine parts, like inner hole table.

Warnings and cautions of using rotary files:

1.Before operation, please read the reference of selecting the speed in an appropriate speed range

 (please refer to the recommended starting speed conditions). 

Because low speed will affect the product life and surface machining effect, 

while low speed will affect the product chip removal, mechanical chatter and premature wear of the product. 

2. Choose the right shape, diameter and tooth shape for different processing. 

3. Choose the appropriate electric mill with stable performance. 

4. The length of the exposed part of the handle mounted in the chuck is up to 10mm. 

(Except for the extended handle, the speed is different) 

5. Idling before using it in order to ensure that the concentricity of the rotary file is good, 

eccentricity and vibration will cause premature wear and work-piece damage. 

6. Do not use it with too much pressure, since it will reduce the life of the tool and use efficiency. 

7. Check the work-piece and the electric mill grip correctly and tightly before harnessing.

8. Wear appropriate protective glasses when using.

Improper operation methods:

1.The speed exceeds the maximum speed range. 

2.The use of speed is too low. 

3.Use the rotary file stuck in the groove and gap.

4.Using the carbide burr with too large pressure, too high temperature, would cause the welding part to fall off.

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