Keys to Carbide Saw Blade Welding

2022-08-31 Share

Keys to Carbide Saw Blade Welding


The critical advantage of tungsten carbide tipped tools compared to solid carbide is that you don’t have to buy a new tool in case of breaking. Once breaking, you might remove the old carbide tips and weld a new one. It is much more convenient and costs less than buying a new blade. 

Tungsten carbide saw blade is one type of common carbide-welded blade. Tungsten carbide tips are welded on the steel saw to be durable. 

What do we should pay attention to during carbide saw blade welding?

1. Size of tungsten carbide saw tips

The tungsten carbide tips should be fixed on the saw tools firmly to ensure the welding quality. Therefore, the shape of the tungsten carbide saw tips should be selected according to the geometric parameter of the steel saw.

2. Carefully check the carbide saw tips

Before welding carbide tips to the tools, it is necessary to inspect the carbide tips and steel tools. First, check whether the support surface is bent and whether there is a serious carburized layer on the carbide blade tips. At the same time, clean the welding surface of the carbide blade tips and steel saws.

3. Reasonable choice of solder

To ensure the welding strength, we should choose suitable solder. During the welding process, we need to ensure good wettability and fluidity, and air bubbles are removed. The welding surface should be fully contacted after welding. 

4. Correctly selection of flux 

It should be dehydrated in a drying box before use, then crushed, sieved to remove mechanical debris, and ready to use.

5. Correctly welding methods

Correct welding methods include suitable welding tools, welding temperature, the experienced welder, and welding steps. Of course, the quality of the carbide tips and steel saw is most important.


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