The Effect of Tungsten Carbide Buttons Sizes

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The Effect of Tungsten Carbide Buttons Sizes


Tungsten carbide buttons are widely used in coal mining and oil mining. In the mining fields, the working environment is quite harsh, and the geological condition is complex and diverse, where the coal layer and rock layer exist alternately. So tungsten carbide buttons are required to have high hardness and high wear resistance and can also withstand high impact.


Tungsten carbide buttons, as one of the most important tool materials in cutting coal, have many different shapes and grades, such as tungsten carbide conical buttons, tungsten carbide ball buttons, tungsten carbide parabolic buttons, tungsten carbide wedge buttons, tungsten carbide spoon buttons, and tungsten carbide flat buttons. The common grades are YG series, such as YG8. Tungsten carbide buttons are the top part of the tungsten carbide coal cutters, and the part contacts the coal layer directly.


The sizes and the quality of tungsten carbide buttons determine the properties of the tungsten carbide to a certain extent. Keep other factors still, the larger tungsten carbide buttons and the higher quality of the tungsten carbide, the higher quality of tungsten carbide coal cutter picks.


Generally speaking, tungsten carbide buttons have different sizes and types, varying from 16mm to 35mm. The larger the tungsten carbide buttons, the harder the rock layer the tungsten carbide buttons can cut.


During tungsten carbide work, the tungsten carbide buttons will contact the coal layer. Many parts of the tungsten carbide coal cutter pick, including tungsten carbide buttons, the pick body, and other parts, will be worn seriously and even fall off.


Except for the above factors, the size of tungsten carbide is also related to the entire forging process. The forging process is also playing an important role in tungsten carbide buttons. Usually, tungsten carbide coal cutter picks will experience heat treatment after the tungsten carbide buttons are forged into the picks. Without the heat treatment, the pick shank will be easy to break.


The size of tungsten carbide buttons also can affect the quality and service life of tungsten carbide buttons. To choose the most suitable tungsten carbide buttons, you would better consider the manufacturers’ suggestions.


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