How to Make Spiral Holes in Tungsten Carbide Rods

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How to Make Spiral Holes in Tungsten carbide rods


Tungsten carbide, also called cemented carbide, hard alloy, and tungsten alloy, is the second hardest tool material in the modern industry, only after diamond. Due to its high hardness, good wear resistance, shock resistance, and strength, tungsten carbide rods are made of tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide rods have many different types. The common rods are solid tungsten carbide rods, tungsten carbide rods with one straight hole, tungsten carbide rods with two straight holes, and tungsten carbide rods with helical spiral holes. They can be used to manufacture tungsten carbide end mills, reamers, and so on.


Like many tungsten carbide products, tungsten carbide rods are made by powder metallurgy, including mixing, wet milling, spray drying, compacting, and sintering. For manufacturing tungsten carbide solid rods, there are different compacting methods. They are die pressing, extrusion pressing, and dry-bag isostatic pressing.


Die pressing is to press tungsten carbide with a die mold. Adding some paraffin as a forming agent to the tungsten carbide powder can increase the working efficiency, shorten production time, and save more costs; extrusion pressing is to press a tungsten carbide rod from an extrusion machine. Cellulose or paraffin can be used during the extrusion pressing as the forming agent; dry-bag isostatic pressing can be used to press tungsten carbide rods with a diameter below 16mm.


But what about tungsten carbide rods with spiral holes? How can we make spiral holes in tungsten carbide rods? Here are the answers.


Because of the special features of the spiral holes, tungsten carbide rods with helical coolant holes can only be made by extrusion pressing.


When workers are manufacturing the rods, they extrude tungsten carbide from the extrusion machine. To make the spiral holes, there are fishing lines, pins, or monofilament in the holes of the extrusion machine. Tungsten carbide starts as a slurry, then workers will mix them with some binder powder, as it will look like mud. To make tungsten carbide rods with coolant holes, workers will put the mixed powder in an extrusion machine. And when the machine is extruding, it will also rotate tungsten carbide. So the tungsten carbide extruded from the machine is finished with coolant holes and helical holes.


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