The Most Wear Resistant Tungsten Carbide

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The Most Wear Resistant Tungsten Carbide


As we all know, the smaller the grain size of the tungsten carbide, the higher its hardness and wear resistance. However, do you know what the most wear-resistant tungsten carbide is? In this article, we are going to talk about the most wear-resistant tungsten carbide.


According to different hardness, tungsten carbide can be divided into many kinds of grades, such as YG8, YG15, and so on. Tungsten carbide products are made by powder metallurgy, which uses tungsten carbide as the main raw material, and mixes it with binder powder. After mixing, tungsten carbide powder and binder powder will be milled, dried, pressed, and sintered. Generally, the amount of tungsten is over 80%.


The wear resistance of tungsten carbide is decided by its grain size and amount of cobalt. The smaller the grain size and the lower amount of cobalt, the higher the hardness of tungsten carbide. So when choosing a tungsten carbide product, we can pay attention to its hardness, requirement and application. While the impact operation is frequent during work, we should consider the resistance.


When we talk about which tungsten carbide products are the most wear-resistant, firstly, we should think about the condition. Generally, tungsten carbide can be divided into three categories.

1. YG: YG series are made of tungsten carbide powder as its raw material and cobalt powder as its binder. Tungsten carbide products made in the YG series have good resistance, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity and are widely used to manufacture cast iron and non-ferrous metal.

2. YT: YT series are made of tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder, as well as some TiC powder. TiC can be added to improve the wear resistance of the tungsten carbide products and decrease the bending stiffness. This type of tungsten carbide product has high hardness, higher heat resistance, and oxidation resistance and is suitable for manufacturing steel.

3. YW: YW series are made of tungsten carbide powder, cobalt powder, TiC, and TaC. TaC is added to improve the strength and resistance of tungsten carbide products. These types of tungsten carbide products are suitable for manufacturing high alloy steels, heat-resistant alloys, and cast iron.


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