YG6---Tungsten Carbide Buttons

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YG6---Tungsten Carbide Buttons


In the former article, we talked about YG4 tungsten carbide buttons. In this article, you can also get some information about YG6 tungsten carbide buttons.

We will mainly talk about the following aspects:

1. What does YG6 mean?

2. Properties of YG6 tungsten carbide buttons;

3. Manufacturing of YG6 tungsten carbide buttons;

4. Applications of YG6 tungsten carbide buttons.


What does YG6 mean?

YG6 tungsten carbide button means these tungsten carbide buttons use cobalt as their bind powder, and there is 6% of cobalt powder in these tungsten carbide buttons.

For a more detailed explanation, you can look through the previous article about YG4C tungsten carbide buttons.


Properties of YG6 tungsten carbide buttons

YG6 tungsten carbide buttons are one kind of the common buttons used in mining, oil, and gas. YG6 tungsten carbide buttons also have high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal stability, durability, and shock resistance. The density of YG6 tungsten carbide buttons is around 15.80 g/cm3, and the transverse rupture strength is around 1900 MPa. And the hardness of YG6 tungsten carbide buttons is around 90.5 HRA.


Manufacturing of YG6 tungsten carbide buttons

To manufacture YG6 tungsten carbide buttons, we should prepare raw materials first, including tungsten carbide powder and bind powder. YG6 tungsten carbide buttons need 6% cobalt powder in the tungsten carbide. Then, mix tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder up, and mill them in the ball milling machine. After spray drying, workers will compact tungsten carbide powder into different shapes and sizes. We should take the shrinkage coefficiency of the tungsten carbide buttons into consideration. The compacting size should be larger than the finishing size. After sintering and quality checking, tungsten carbide buttons will be carefully packed. 


Application of YG6 tungsten carbide buttons

Tungsten carbide buttons in YG6 are used to cut coal as electric coal drill bits, oil tooth bits, oil roller bits, as well as scraper ball tooth bits. They are used for small and medium-sized percussion bits and rotary prospecting bits’ inserts to cut complex formations.


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