What Need to Pay Speical Attention when Using a Tungsten Carbide Rotary File

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What Need to Pay Speical Attention when Using a Tungsten Carbide Rotary File 

Tungsten carbide burrs are widely used in metalworking, tool making, model engineering, wood carving, jewelry making, welding, casting, deburring, grinding, cylinder head porting, and sculpting. As the carbide rotary file has so many applications, and the carbide burs have so many shapes and cutter types, there are some rules we must pay special attention to when using the carbide burrs.

1. Before operation, please read "Using Speed" to select the appropriate speed range (please refer to the recommended starting speed conditions).

Low speed will affect product life and surface processing effect. At the same time, low speed will affect product chip removal, mechanical vibration, and product processing.

Early wear.

2. Select the appropriate shape, diameter and tooth profile for different processing.

3. Choose a suitable electric grinder with stable performance for the ber set grinder.

4. The maximum exposed length of the handle clamped in the chuck is 10mm. (Except for the extended handle, the rotation speed is different)

5. Idle the carbide rotary file before use to ensure good concentricity. Eccentricity and vibration will cause premature wear and damage to the workpiece.

6. It is not advisable to use too much pressure when using it. Too much pressure will reduce the life and efficiency of the tool.

7. Before use, check that the workpiece and the electric grinder are clamped correctly and tightly.

8. Wear appropriate protective glasses when using.

Improper operating methods

1. The speed exceeds the maximum operating speed range.

2. The operating speed is too low.

3. Use the rotary file stuck in grooves and gaps.

4. When using a rotary file, the pressure is too high and the temperature is too high, causing the welded part to fall off.

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