35-degree or 45-degree End Mill?

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35-degree or 45-degree End Mill?


End Mill is one kind of milling cutter to remove metal by CNC Milling machines. There are various diameters, flutes, lengths, and shapes to choose. This passage will simply discuss which degree to use in choose of 35-degree or 45-degree end mills, and the simple instructions for the beginner to use.

1. The advantages and disadvantages of 35-degree and 45-degree end mills. 

35 degrees:

Advantages: It has a small helix angle, which can do a good cutting capacity;

Disadvantages: It has a small cutting force per unit area.

45 degrees:

Advantages: It has a good cutting per unit area;

Disadvantages: It has a larger helix angle than a 35-degree end mill. Thus for small tolerance requirements, it would not be as good as a 35-degree end mill.


Usually, 35 degrees can meet rough machining, large margin machining, or relatively soft material machining. 45 degrees can process relatively difficult materials but has a small cutting amount.

Generally, a 30-35 helix angle is used for material processing, and a 45 helix angle is recommended for stainless steel.

2. Instructions for use:

1). Please measure the tool deflection before using the tool. When the tool deflection accuracy exceeds 0.01mm, correct it before cutting.

2). The shorter the length of the tool extending from the chuck, the better. If the tool extends longer, the rotation speed, feed speed, and cutting amount should be reduced.

3). During cutting, if abnormal vibration or sound occurs, please reduce the speed and cutting volume until the situation improves.

4). It is not suitable for low-speed machines, such as bench drills and hand drills.


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