Speed---Choose Maximum RPM within the Allowable Range

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Speed---Choose Maximum RPM within the Allowable Range


No matter what tools you use, RPM always cares. For tungsten carbide rotary burrs, a reasonable operating speed is very important to achieve the required degree of cutting and workpiece quality.

Try to choose the highest speed within the allowable range. Minimum RPM should be above 3000 because low speed will reduce chip removal performance and produce trembling, which results in reduced tool life and poor surface finish.

Each type of rotary carbide burr must select an appropriate operating speed according to a specific application. Knowing the 2 following methods, you can try to adjust the speed to a suitable number.

*Increasing speed can improve processing quality and prolong tool life, but it may cause the shank to break;

*Reducing speed will help remove material more quickly but may cause the system to overheat and cutting quality to fluctuate.


Tungsten Carbide Rotary burrs are used for forming and cutting all around the world. They are also used to remove sharp edges. Workers use these rotary files for different drilling tasks. It is important to obtain high-quality burrs to perform a task correctly. Many offline and online companies offer high-quality burr at a price tag.

General rotating surface (inner and outer circle) can be divided into centering grinding and centerless grinding according to the method of clamping and driving the workpiece. According to the relationship between feed direction and machined surface, grinding can be divided into longitudinal feed grinding and transverse feed grinding.According to the position of the grinding wheel relative to the workpiece after the grinding stroke, grinding can be divided into through grinding and fixed range grinding.


Our carbide burrs are machine ground from a specially chosen grade of carbide. Due to the extreme hardness of the tungsten carbide, they can be used on much more demanding jobs than HSS (High-Speed Steel). Carbide Burrs also perform better at higher temperatures than HSS, so you can run them hotter and for longer. HSS burrs will soften at higher temperatures, so carbide is always the better choice for long-term performance.

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