Brief Introduction of Cast Tungsten Carbide Flexible Welding Rod

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Brief Introduction of Cast Tungsten Carbide Flexible Welding Rod


What is a flexible welding rod?

Cast tungsten carbide Flexible welding rope is a kind of soft welding wire. It is made from cast tungsten carbide powder, spherical cast tungsten carbide powder, or a mixture of the two as hard phases, self-fluxing nickel alloy powder for the bonding phase, according to a certain proportion of mixed bonding, extrusion molding, drying, then manufactured on the nickel wire. 

The welding layer has extremely effective protection against erosive and abrasive attacks. It is highly recommended using in mining, drilling, and agricultural equipment as well as in chemical and food processing industries.

Suitable for the oxyacetylene welding process.

It has excellent fluidity and molding control at a low deposition temperature of 1050℃.

Application of the flexible welding rod

Cast carbide flexible welding wires are used in all steels except manganese steel surfacing on all steel substrates, but are not recommended on cast iron. They could be applied for wear resistance and part repairing. These welding rods perform well in harsh environments, They excel in applications where maximum surface protection is required. Typical applications where these products are used:

1. Stabilizers and other oilfield equipment

2. Drilling machine

3. Thruster

4. Augers

5. Impellers

6. Mixing plates for brick and clay making

7. Food and chemical processing decanter screws

Chemical Composition of the flexible welding rod

1. 65% Cast Tungsten Carbide, 35% Self-Fluxing Nickel Alloy

2. 65% Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide, 35% Self-Fluxing Nickel Alloy

Sizes of the flexible welding rod

The diameters of the flexible welding rods are 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm.

Generally is 15 kgs a spool.

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