Grinding Speed Selection of Carbide Burrs

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Grinding Speed Selection of Carbide Burrs


High running speed is very important for efficient and economical use of round rotary head. The higher running speed is also helpful in reducing chip buildup in the slot, and also helps to cut corners of the work piece and reduces the possibility of cutting interference; meanwhile, it also makes it more likely that the file carrier will break.

Hard alloy rotary burrs should run at 1,500 to 3,000 surface feet per minute. According to this standard, there are many kinds of rotary carbide burrs for grinding machines to choose from. For example: 30,000-rpm grinder can choose the diameter of 3/16 to 3/8 bur; A file of 1/4 to 1/2 diameter is available for grinding machines at 22,000- RPM. But for more efficient operation, it is best to choose the most commonly used diameter. In addition, the grinding environment and system maintenance is also very important; the grinder might break down if the RPM (Revolutions per Minute) is too small. Therefore, we recommend that you should check the air pressure system and sealing device of the grinder once in a while. Proper running speed is indeed very important to achieve the desired degree of cutting and quality of the work piece. Increasing the speed can improve the machining quality and prolong the tool life, but it may cause the file handle to break. Reducing the speed is helpful to quickly cut the material, but it may cause system overheating, cutting quality fluctuations and other drawbacks. Each type of carbide bur should be selected according to the specific operation of the appropriate speed.

Cemented carbide burr is also called milling cutter tungsten steel grinding head. Carbide rotary burr is widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry, process engraving and other industrial sectors, the effect is remarkable, and the main uses are:

1. Finishing all kinds of metal molds, such as shoe mold and so on.

2. Carving all kinds of non-metal crafts and craft gifts.

3. Cleaning up the bur, weld of casting, forging, welding parts, such as machine casting factory, shipyard, automobile factory, etc.

4. Groove processing of all kinds of mechanical parts, cleaning pipes, finishing the surface of the inner hole of mechanical parts, such as machinery factory, repair shop, etc.

Carbide rotary burr mainly has the following characteristics:

1. It can be machined various metals below HRC70 (Rockwell Hardness), including quenched steel and non-metallic material, such as marble, jade and bone.

2. It can replace the small wheel with handle in most of the work, and no dust pollution.

3. It has high production efficiency, which is dozens of times higher than that of manual file and nearly ten times higher than that of small wheel with handle.

4. It can be processed into various shapes of high precision mold with good processing quality and fine surface finish.

5. Long service life, durability is 10 times higher than the high speed steel tool, and is more than 200 times higher than alumina grinding wheel.

6. It can reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment because it’s safe and reliable, also, it’s easy to use.

7. The economic benefit is greatly improved, and the comprehensive processing cost can be reduced by dozens of times.

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