Quick Understanding of Carbide Rotary Burrs

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Quick Understanding of Carbide Rotary Burrs


Cemented carbide rotary burrs are an indispensable tool for fitter mechanization. It has a wide range of uses, especially in aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, machinery, chemical, and other industrial sectors. It is used for smoothing, hollowing up, grinding, carving, shaping, milling, removing, cutting, and deburring.

Q1. What does tungsten carbide burr process on?

It can be used to process cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, copper, aluminum, wood, titanium, nickel, cobalt, gold, platinum & silver, brass, ceramics, fiberglass, plastic, and bronze.


Q2. The type of carbide burrs is classified as cutter head shape

*The carbide Ball Burrs

It is used for shaping, concave progress, and digging on the workpiece. It is widely used in the carving of wood and metal.

*Carbide tree burr

Pointed carbide burs easily reach hard areas and sharp-edged contours. It is suitable for trimming edges and contours.

*Inverted Cemented Carbide File

It can be V-cut and back machined.

*Sharp carbide

Ideal for rounded edges and surface finishes.

*Ball nose burr

The burr is usually related to taper forming.

*Endless cut carbide burr

This burr is widely used for contour machining and right-angle corners.

*the Oval shape of carbide burr

Oval burrs can be used for cleaning, removing heavy chips, milling, and producing long chips.

*The flame shape of the burr

This Tungsten carbide burr produces a soft concave profile or a notch V with a soft radius.

*Countersink Burrs

The countersink carbide burrs are good at chamfering, beveling, counterboring, and reaching the areas with an acute angle.


Q3. A suitable speed for Carbide Burr's processing?

Diameter of Burr RPM

1.6mm or 1/16" 25,000 - 35,000

2.35mm or 3/32" 17,000 - 26,000

3mm or 1/8" 17,000 - 26,000

6mm or 1/4" 11,000 - 16,500

12mm or 1/2" 8,000 - 12,000

16mm or 5/8" 7,650 - 11,500

Q4. What are the features of tungsten carbide burrs?

Tungsten carbide burr has a Longer service life, it can be used for long production runs and heavy-duty removal. It’s good for processing hard and tough materials


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