Why are Carbide Rods So Popular?

2022-09-06 Share

Why are carbide rods So Popular?


The tungsten carbide rods are used in making high-quality carbide cutting tools for the machining of heat-resistant alloys, such as end mills, drills, and reamers. They can withstand high compressive stresses imposed during cutting, as well as have good wear and oxidation resistance at the high temperatures reached. 

1. Cemented carbide rods/round bars with coolant holes for milling have various dimensions, blanks, or finished, and many different grades with different applications for customer selections.

2. Good wear resistance, higher toughness, high precision, better deformation, and fracture resistance

3. Advanced automatic extrusion equipment to produce

4. HIP sintering and precision grinding to ensure good performance

5. Both blank and finished conditions are available

6. Can reach a mirror effect surface after accurate grinding and polishing 

With the surging demand, the ultra-fine tungsten carbide rod has been more and more widely used. In the field of high-speed cutting, due to the high standard, security, reliability, and durability, solid carbide cutting tools have strict requirements of quality in the inner and surface. With the unceasing enhancement of the inner and surface of the tungsten carbide, more and more attention are paid to the quality of the surface of carbide cutting tools.


Our country offers a huge variety of solid carbide cutting tools such as milling cutting tools, drilling bits, and plug gauges with tungsten carbide rods. There are many materials to choose from. The highest hardness can reach 94.5 (HRA) for processing a variety of difficult processing materials such as titanium alloy. At the same time, our country can provide a variety of blunt needles, and punch with carbide rods. You can see that the carbide rod has been used widely and the market prospect is very considerable. In the face of increasing demand for tungsten carbide rods, traditional detection methods can not be fast, accurate, and effective. So many manufacturers have an urgent demand for automatic testing equipment.

ZZBETTER manufactures tungsten carbide rods with 100% virgin material, advanced sintering furnaces, high-precision grind machines, high stability, and high performance guaranteed.

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